JAKO DOUBLETEX: Our roots are in sports. This makes us experts in functional textiles. Meanwhile, top teams all over the world wear our articles and perform at their best in them. With our exclusive DOUBLETEX® material mix, we transfer the performance from top sports to our teamwear for work and leisure.


We process only high-quality functional polyester and thus guarantee exceptional results in functionality and wearing comfort. The breathable polyester fibers on the inside provide a quick removal of moisture through the capillary effect. Thus, arising moisture is immediately transported away from the body to the outside and the textile always feels dry and light.
In our material mix DOUBLETEX we have processed only quality fibers. Combed, long staple cotton on the outside absorbs moisture so that the skin always feels dry. The cotton used is extremely soft due to the long, fine cotton fibers and at the same time very resistant to pilling and abrasion. The result is a particularly natural and pleasant fabric feel of our DOUBLETEX articles.


Polyester fibers

The processed polyester fibers in DOUBLETEX are particularly breathable and functional. This means that the moisture produced is transported immediately and quickly to the outside. In addition, polyester is extremely lightweight and quick-drying. Thus, we guarantee high functionality and shape retention with pleasant wearing comfort.


For DOUBLETEX we use exclusively combed, long staple cotton. Due to the high-quality, long cotton fibers, the material is particularly resistant and extremely stable. The individual fibers are anchored in the center of the yarn by the VORTEX® process and firmly bonded together.

The combination of polyester functional fibers and cotton in an innovative material mix
convinces with maximum functionality as well as wearing comfort.


Our teamline DOUBLETEX is specially designed for top performance in business and leisure. The Hohenstein quality label „Tested Workwear“ distinguishes textiles with particularly high demands on product safety and quality. This label confirms that our teamline DOUBLETEX articles meet these high requirements.

Hohenstein tests our teamline DOUBLETEX for the following properties::
  • Colour fastness such as light, perspiration, rub and wash fastness
  • Colour fastness with strong heat development
  • Physical properties such as seam and tear strength, elasticity and pilling
  • Optical properties such as dimensional stability, twisting of the seams and the appearance after numerous intensive washes

VORTEX® Technology

DOUBLETEX consists of specially spun VORTEX® yarns. This manufacturing method uses compressed air to create an air vortex that firmly anchors and connects all fiber ends in the center of the yarn. Each individual fiber is connected to the inner yarn layer. In the center of the yarn, the fibers run parallel. This prevents individual fibers from "slipping" in the yarn and thus makes it extremely stable. 
Another advantage of the inward running fiber ends is a significantly lower hairiness of the yarn compared to usually spun yarns. DOUBLETEX yarns are therefore very smooth and thus particularly resistant to abrasion and pilling. In addition, the material achieves optimum material properties, color fastness and dimensional stability, even after several intensive washing cycles.

Classic yarn

Classic Ring Yarn Querschnitt
Querschnitt durch das Garn

Classic Ring Yarn Seitenansicht
Seitenasicht des Garns
The whole yarn has a certain degree of twist from the center to the surface. Classic yarn has an uneven yarn thickness. There are thinner sections with strong twists within the yarn. The thicker sections are less twisted and therefore very hairy.

Microscopic image
Classic yarn


Vortex Yarn Querschnitt
Querschnitt durch das Garn

Vortex Yarn Seitenansicht
Seitenasicht des Garns
The twist in the Vortex yarn is pronounced towards the outside of the yarn. In the center of the yarn, the fibers run parallel and evenly to each other. Basically, all fibers start in the middle of the yarn and run outwards. This special technology makes the fibers very stable and less hairy.

Microscopic image
Vortex® yarn

DOUBLETEX Collection

Sewn-on neck mirror for marking workwear in commercial laundries. The so-called leasing neck of our DOUBLETEX articles ensures the application of barcodes without disturbing imprints in the neck area.
Internal hanging straps for the drying process in the commercial laundry. Our DOUBLETEX articles can be quickly pulled onto hangers at the integrated loops. This is gentle on workwear and saves time in further processing.
Reinforced seams at the shoulder and armhole make DOUBLETEX articles resistant and dimensionally stable, even after frequent and intensive use. Especially for workwear, stable seams and clean processing are elementary for a long service life of the textiles.
For your perfect appearance, we move our brand into the background. The discreet flag label on the left side seam guarantees maximum attention for your logos and messages on the workwear. Behind the size label in the neck, we have also sewn in an EAN code for scanning, so that your workwear also meets all requirements logistically.

DOUBLETEX Possible applications



Wearing comfort and functionality are important features of workwear. Optimal moisture transport thanks to the polyester content and particularly fine cotton fibers guarantee wearing comfort and functionality. In addition, the material always feels light. DOUBLETEX is the ideal material mix for teams with high demands on functional and high-quality workwear.


DOUBLETEX is our material for absolute top performance. Dimensional stability, color fastness as well as high abrasion resistance and durability make DOUBLETEX the optimal workwear. All DOUBLETEX articles are suitable for professional textile care according to DIN EN ISO 15797 and certified with the Hohenstein quality label ,,Geprüfte Workwear".


We are the partner of all teams. With our exclusive DOUBLETEX material mix, we combine maximum functionality and breathability with outstanding abrasion resistance and durability. In addition, DOUBLETX is extremely tear-resistant and robust against external, external influences. DOUBLETEX is therefore ideally suited for workwear that is convincing outdoors and under strong external influences.